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Navjeewan Social Welfare Society

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Navjeewan Social Welfare Society

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Navjeewan Social Welfare Society

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Navjeewan Social Welfare Society

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Navjeewan Social Welfare Society

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Our Steps Towards For Better Society


Empowerment process will be launched among poor, Dalit and women of the Society to take Active role to change the socio – economic and political scenario.


To maintain human value of the poor and marginalized people by creating just society, through sawing the seeds of love, truth and justice. Empower the poor and especially the women and exploited people for their rights and conciseness of their primary issues without feelings cast and creed.                                           


                                                                                      “Service for needy”

We want to improve the quality of life of women and children in rural areas; hope that a new society will create where women can have their right places.

Navjeewan Social Welfare Society

Navjeewan Social Welfare Society has been working in the rural areas of Bihar since the past 28 years for the overall development. Our journey has established in 1990 and since then we are continuing our development for rural areas. Our main motto is- “Empowerment”. We work with rural communities for their development without regard of cast, color or religion. In the previous year, NSWS has made a record by providing Humanitarian support during natural and man made disasters. Navjeewan Social Welfare Society is basically involved in the works like Emergency Flood Relief, Rehabilitation work, Food Security, Livelihoods, Building awareness, etc. We mainly work in an agrarian belt which has no other source of employment, only agriculture is the way of living. In 2017, a huge flood affected Bihar and destroyed everything.

Our Projects

Livelihood Promotion

 Our organization has been educating and motivating the people of the villages to select other options apart.  

Disaster Relief & Reduction

 Disaster never comes with prior alert and natural calamities come with a huge destruction on their way.

Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is the major goal of us in the rural areas and try to educate women to make a change.

How we spend our funding

Every Rupee Counts

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Unused money goes

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Become A Navjeewan Social Welfare Society

One of the most trusted non-profit organisations in India

Our Achivement


Wrinking Water

Help To Set Business

Helped Disabled People

Our Team

Sanjay Paswan

Sanjay Paswan


William Samuel

William Samuel

Secretary & Founder

Prakash Kumar

Prakash Kumar