Our Projects

Livelihood Promotion

Our organization has been educating and motivating the people of the villages to select other options apart from farming.  Livelihood promotion is one of the biggest work of our organization in the rural areas. People here have limited sources of income for their livelihood as the are mainly dependent on agriculture; that’s why they can’t fulfill their needs. We try to educate and motivate them to choose different options apart from agriculture. In the year of 2017-2018, we have given several trainings and workshops to local people about different Government schemes which are related to their livelihood. 

Disaster Preparation & Risk Reduction

The affected areas are highly sensitive and is a risk of flooding, we educate the locals about risk reduction. The areas of Bihar are very sensitive and full of risks as flood often happen during the month of July to October and the areas get highly affected due to this. We educate the locals about risk reduction and attentives during the flood. Through proper workshops and training about the important things to do during the flood; in the workshops they get practical demonstration and usage of emergency kits.

Disaster Relief & Reduction

Disaster never comes with prior alert and natural calamities come with a huge destruction on their way. Natural calamities like flood and earthquake come with huge destruction; they even destroy lives and harms the economical balance of a state. Last year, a huge disaster happened due to the breakage of the dam; the whole area was filled  with flood water and all connections were stopped. We distributed emergency kits like Life jacket, rescue kits, shelter and food to the people of nearby areas.

Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is the major goal of us in the rural areas and try to educate women to make a change. We understand the root cause of the problem and concentrate over empowering women in our project areas based on their education and rights. We also created many CBOs and SHOs which are run and managed by the local women of their areas. We conduct a meeting every month for them where our stuff elaborate about the value of education. Besides that, we educate the groups about their rights which is decided by the Govt of India.