Our Activities

Child Rights and Development

NSWS plays a major role in the development of the child’s education and their rights through awareness camps. We arrange counseling sessions for parents to teach them about the importance of education for their children. We also convince and motivate the school dropouts to continue their studies by joining the school again. Our organization also works towards stop the child trafficking and keep the local law and administrations in touch to know about new updates.


Health Awareness

In northern area of Bihar, health problem has become an alarming issue; we organize health camps for free check up.  When we made a survey in the areas and found that people are not aware about the free facilities from government. So we took an initiative to set up health camps every month with the help of renowned doctors to teach women about their health safety and security.


Water and Sanitation Program

It is a true initiative and support with the help of local leaders and administrations to build proper sanitation. We make an estimate and for every single family under this scheme and build hygienic toilets for them. We also motivate villagers to use toilets instead of going out. A good number of people has motivated with this scheme and started to use the toilet; they also donate in our organization to make the village free open defecation.

Clean Environment Program

Villagers are not aware about the relation between cleanliness and hygiene; we educate them through awareness camps. We have surveyed the villages and found the people live in an unhealthy environment which harm their health badly. We mobilized villagers for community contribution to clean the ponds, surroundings and roads for better hygiene.   

COVID -19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a dramatic loss of human life worldwide and presents an unprecedented challenge to public health, food systems and the world of work. When lockdown had imposed all the daily wages had lost their work and migrants labour returned back to home. We as a social agent responded in community and during awareness programme we covered 8 panchayats, 1463 households, 505 migrate labour and 15 volunteers were actively participated with us. Apart from this we provided dry ration among 500 most vunerable families from the community.